Vanderbilt University Master of Science in Finance (MSF)電話interview 考古題範例:

Q 1. Talk about your background, and your self?

2. Why MSF? Why Vanderbilt?

3. What you plan to do in the following five years? Projects?

4. Where are you going to do your job after graduation? Do you know the rules of of working in USA (about practical training)?

5. Because our program is very intense, how do you deal with all the challenge in the MSF program?

6. How would you work with other students who have working experiences 3-5 years?

 7. What motivates your success for your studying?

8. A current law in US passes to tax the retired person and give the pension fund to an individual manager into stock market, and then the returns can support the following pension system. What do you think this system count (weakness and strength)?

9. What is your opinion about the school require students to take English classes?

10. Have you taken any English lecture class before? If you face some difficulties in the class, how will you deal with that?

11. If we accept you, would you come?



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